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Also Degrees requiring scientific and mathematical input, (eg pharmacy, chemistry engineering, medicine, biochemistry, forensic science) and other eg mature student courses and examinations


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“Over the 28 years that I have been providing visiting home tuition, I have developed an efficient, kind and patient tutoring style. I specialise, not only in providing a high standard of tuition in my core subjects, but also deal efficiently, and in an enjoyable way, with the process of getting students organised, disciplined, motivated, and thriving and enjoying their work.(This being achieved by helping them understand how their educational experience fits into the their developing “life story” eg by careers counselling and advice). I encourage mother to always be close to the tuition experience, (with the principle that the younger the pupil, the closer mother should be), and welcome parents to sit in on, or discreetly appreciate each lesson. (This often having a great effect on the confidence of the student). The culmination of this approach has been in the last two years the successful return of two students happily back into full time education from a place of exclusion, (achieved by a careful and subtle approach to mentoring and consideration of the complete situation of the student). My technique aims to create a “Magic” between the triad of the tutor, student and, ideally, the mother; within which construct, many things, previously considered to be unachievable become possible. Last year, one of my old pupils (Lucy) contacted me to inform me that my tutoring had so inspired her that she had become a specialist in education, and had based an educational app on my unique tutoring technique. It should be noted that I am fully DBS checked and frequently am asked to tutor whole families for the entire time of their childrens’ education (6-18) and sometimes beyond at Uni!

I personally enjoy very much the tutoring experience and recognise the enormous privilege that is granted when I am asked to take on the responsibility for personally assisting the education of a student”.

“Thank you for all your wise advice that C took onboard, and all your assistance that helped him to achieve a cluster of grades 8 and 9 in science and maths”
Monksilver – 2018
“I just wanted to let you know that I got the B I needed in A-Level Chemistry-I’m off to Cardiff University! I couldn’t have done it without all your help this year, thank you so much for being such a patient and kind tutor to me! Thanks Again”
“Hi! To let you know that M passed maths and science GCSE! Thank you for all your support! Kindest regards, C”
Taunton – 2018
“We went to a meeting at the School on Thursday evening and I was so pleased. Each teacher, said how she has improved in work and attitude, and they expect her to get the results she needs. I’m sure most of this is down to you. Thank you.”
GCSE Student, Wellington, Somerset, January 2019

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